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A Tabletop Game Development Studio in Belgrade, Serbia since January 2017. Our talented and hardworking team is dedicated to ensuring that everything that OLIFANT GAMES creates is cool, fun and exciting. As a rule, we’ve agreed never release anything “less than awesome”. Read on to learn more about our business, our games and what we have to offer our community of gamers.


War from the North

Single mode or co-op mode give one or more players unprecedented interaction with the game itself through unique storyline where players solve tasks from one territory to the other, using single mode cards and 5 different scenarios with 5 different heroes, thus combining the complete story into a unique mosaic…

9 Angry monsters

is area control game where players try to strategically outwit one another by combining three tokens of their own to eliminate the token from a rivaling player and earn a certain element of force that they will use as the game progresses for the duels with other players…


CDML is our story about cats, dogs, mice and geeks that lead one endless quiet war, war between four races of mammals who try to impose their own will and dominance over the others. As they fight not only in their own homes, where they live, but also in the outside world, various situations happen to them, the so called events, that influence their lives by helping them or halting them on their way to victory or dominance…

Slavic Mythology – Morana’s rage

is one of a kind gaming system that explains how the immortal soul of a Slavic individual gets taken back from the dark dimensions into the physical form by the help of a certain Slavic deity and, as his/her loyal subject, gets help to walk along its path again, facing different situations in which it meets various creatures of the Slavic lore and interacts with them…


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