CDML is our story about cats, dogs, mice and geeks that lead one endless quiet war, war between four races of mammals who try to impose their own will and dominance over the others. As they fight not only in their own homes, where they live, but also in the outside world, various situations happen to them, the so called events, that influence their lives by helping them or halting them on their way to victory or dominance.

The game contains all the possible elements of one brilliant board game, with strategic movement of pieces, swift but also very deep mechanics, playing elegance, quality components – 3D models, card designs and the special board design – it can be cleaned and/or washed, excellent explanation of game rules, together with mutual duels of the races using race cards, combined with the power of duel dices, building up of one’s own system of management and area control plus the effects of different event cards, horror cards, emo cards, that bring special and unique system of playing our game to those who play it.