War from the North

Single mode or co-op mode give one or more players unprecedented interaction with the game itself through unique storyline where players solve tasks from one territory to the other, using single mode cards and 5 different scenarios with 5 different heroes, thus combining the complete story into a unique mosaic.

Multiplayer or co op mode combines making strategic moves, with swift, but very deep mechanics, playing elegance, quality components – 3D models, card design and special board design – it can be cleaned and/or washed, and very good explanations of game rules on one side. On the other side, the playing mechanics create one specific interaction between the game and the players/attacking and blocking moves of the monster units/ with other players in co-op mode and multiplayer modes through control of territories, gathering of resources, mutual duels of military units, planning of strategy with the monster duel cards, combining the effects of luck using war dices, bring many tabletop enthusiasts into our world of gaming.